Sanctuary Organ

AHCC's Aeolian-Skinner organ was installed in 1961 and dedicated on January 7, 1962. It is built in the "American Classic" style (tonally influenced by English, German and French pipe organs) and has the ability to perform, with near accuracy, the choral and organ repertoire from all major periods and nationalities of music. From 2004-2005, the organ was completely restored, renovated and expanded. Austin Organs, Inc. of Hartford custom built a new four-manual, drawknob console with a multiple memory, digital operating system. The firm of Messrs. Czelusniak et Dugal, Inc. of Northampton, MA, cleaned, repitched and revoiced all pipe work, completely rewired the organ and added two new ranks of pipes, including the horizontally mounted, brass Herald Trumpet. Three digitally produced 32' stops which provide a heroic bass "rumble" were also added. The completed organ was heard for the first time on Easter Sunday and officially re-dedicated in recital on May 6, 2005.

The organ contains 68 ranks and 4,008 pipes from 18 feet to less than ¼" in length. There are six divisions within the organ: the Great, whose pipes are cantilevered on a large wind chest over the choir members' heads; the Positiv, whose pipes are cantilevered on the balcony railing; the Swell and Choir, enclosed in large boxes with visible, moveable shutters that allow full loud and soft volume control; the Solo, whose most commanding pipes are the brass Herald Trumpets; and the Pedal, with most of the pipes inside the organ chamber except the 32' Contra Bourdon pipes on the side of the balcony floor and the large speakers for the digitally produced 32' ranks mounted on either side of the Great division. The organ console, while weighing approximately 1200 pounds, can be moved to any location in the balcony. The organ is prepared for the addition of 10 more ranks of pipes as well as a Portative (portable/movable) division in the front of the sanctuary.

For more information, please contact Organist, Susan Carroll