Youth Ministry


Please contact Tobey Aubert, Youth Director, for meeting times.

Youth Department Mission and Values

The Youth Department exists to inspire our young people to discover their immense, God-given value so they can fully live and fully love. We call this our “Why."

High School Youth Group

Our focus is Happiness found in three ways: Joy. Accomplishment. Meaning. These three ways tie into our church values of Acceptance, Impact and Inquiry. Here’s how:

Discovering Joy in the moment with others - we create memory making opportunities for all who participate. 

Accomplishing great things - we are proud to be quick to serve others individually and through group service projects.

Finding Meaning that is greater than ourselves - we are looking for greater purpose by combining faith experiences with leadership development to create lasting positive change in ourselves and community. 

Our goal in High School Youth Group is to inspire teens to tap into their goodness and become leaders with the capacity to offer happiness to others. They will “Change the Room” wherever they go… with kindness that is intentional and intense, the same way we believe Jesus lived and loved.


Middle School Youth Group

Our focus is Kindness lived out in three ways: Respect, Care, and Courage. Through teaching kindness we are laying the groundwork of faith formation with practical applications of our church values of Inquiry, Acceptance, and Impact. 

Small group lessons combined with fun activities and social projects pave the way for deeper discussion and kind actions.

Our goal in Middle School Youth Group is to inspire students to begin seeing their role in making this world a better place through kindness as they learn to live and love like Jesus.


Confirmation Class

In the 8th grade students join the Confirmation Class, where they are invited to develop friendships within the church and explore their faith more deeply. By participating in some amazing experiences held from September through March, Confirmands will begin making their own conscious choices to:

· Receive a big picture understanding of Christianity and the AHCC expression of it.

· Develop friendships within the class as another group of caring friends.

· See life as an adventure where they can make a positive impact in the world together.

Those choices will lead many of the students to “confirm” that they want to continue growing in those three areas as members of AHCC. There is interactive class time to ask questions with our Senior Minister, think through their own life, and experience the practices of faith, service, and community at their level of understanding. We visit other faith traditions, serve a meal for those in need in Hartford, and write a Statement of Faith reflecting on their belief and self-discovery. Confirmation class is the launching pad for students to grasp a hold of their spiritual journey and continue that journey into High School Youth Group and daily life.