Youth Ministry


Middle School Youth Group - Sundays at 10:15am in the Youth Lounge
High School Youth Group  - Sundays at 7:00pm in the Youth Lounge

Please contact Tobey Aubert, Youth Director, for meeting times for specific Sundays.

Mission and Vision

The teenage years are often when young people are forming their identity as individuals and can be a time when they are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. The Youth Ministry program at AHCC seeks to provide an environment where each young person feels a sense of place within the church community and belonging to our God. The Youth Ministry program serves young people in grades 6-12 with an emphasis on faith development, service, and Christian fellowship.

Middle School Youth Group

The purpose of our Middle School Youth Group is focused and simple: to provide them with tools to better understand faith in the context of their everyday life. In general, we are also laying the groundwork for their future participation in High School Youth Group. We work toward those goals by:

·     Encouraging basic navigation skills regarding the Bible, church, and spirituality.

·     Creating fun hang out opportunities for them to establish closer friendships with other “church kids” their age.

·     Providing simple service opportunities to broaden their view of care for others.

·     Making sure they have fun in the process!

What can a Middle Schooler expect on a Sunday morning?
Our usual format begins with a two minute explanation of what we are doing that day. Then we do an ice breaker game together. We follow with a 15 minute interactive lesson usually taught within the context of a team building game. After that we will take a few minutes to provide a simple way of being still with God (personal prayer). Then we do a 20 minute active game time. We wrap up with snack and hang out until parents come to pick them up. On some occasions our format will be different, but that is the general pattern.

We do include candy prizes and breakfast snacks, so if they have allergy concerns, please let us know. Any other questions, please feel free to contact the Youth Director, Tobey Aubert.

Senior High Youth Group

The goal for our High School Youth Group is to be able to be united in our purpose of pursuing social wellness and spiritual wellness. How we pursue that goal is through purpose driven connection times with games, small group discussion, teaching and service projects. Our vision is for teens to develop Social and Spiritual Wellness. Awareness, Kindness, and Internal Motivation to live well are key words.


Children & Youth at AHCC from AHCC on Vimeo.

In the 8th grade students join the Confirmation Class, where they are invited to explore their relationship with God and their faith more deeply by participating in a weekend retreat and a series of 14 classes held from October through May.