Youth Ministry

Mission and Vision

The teenage years are often when young people are forming their identity as individuals and can be a time when they are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. The Youth Ministry program at AHCC seeks to provide an environment where each young person feels a sense of place within the church community and belonging to our God. The Youth Ministry program serves young people in grades 6-12 with an emphasis on faith development, service, and Christian fellowship.


Children & Youth at AHCC from AHCC on Vimeo.

1st Sunday of each month (October - June) -  Prepare 100 sandwhiches and cookies for Loaves and Fishes

2nd Sunday of each month (October – April) - BINGO at Betty Knox Apartments

In addition to regular weekly gatherings and special events, Middle and High School Youth Group members also have an opportunity to participate in events that have become "traditions" at AHCC. These events vary from fundraising to mission trips to weekend retreats - all with a focus on Christian fellowship.

The Youth Ministry Committee supports staff leadership in charge of Christian faith formation for youth in grades 6 - 12, including Confirmation, in creating a safe and nurturing environment in which youth can grow in their faith.

The Middle School Youth Group is for grades 6-8 and meets throughout the program year on Sunday mornings during the 10:15 am worship service. The youth start in the sanctuary, sitting either with their families or in the youth pews at the back.  After the stewardship moment, or offering, we exit to the youth lounge.  Youth Group begins with a getting-to-know you exercise, before we move into th

The High School Youth Group meets throughout the program year for Spirit-filled fellowship and outreach events that foster the growth and maturation of an individual’s faith. Program opportunities include discussion and reflection in small and large group settings, recreational activities and service projects.

[View photos from the 2015 Confirmation Retreat here.]  In the 8th grade students join the Confirmation Class, where they are invited to explore their relationship with God and their faith more deeply by participating in a weekend retreat and a series of 14 classes held from Oc