Serve at the Church

Service is a privilege of church membership to which we are all invited. There are many opportunities to serve within the church and outside our walls to our neighborhood, our city and beyond. Here, you are invited to explore some of the ways to serve "at the church," and if there is a ministry that speaks to your heart and your faith that is not listed here, please let us know!

As in all congregational churches, the governance of AHCC is vested in its members. Nominations are accepted from members of the congregation and each year, church members who attend the Annual Meeting elect all church officers, the board and committee chairs and members who will be responsible for building programs.

Spirit Hill Church School thrives because of the commitment of over 100 caring teens and adults who have discovered the opportunity for joyful service to God and to our children through shepherding and teaching.

One of the most active groups at AHCC, the ushers are the “face” of the church on Sunday mornings. These members assist congregants to their seats and answer questions visitors might have. All that’s needed is a friendly smile and the willingness to help.

This active and friendly group is comprised of outgoing individuals who greet members and friends on Sunday mornings before the worship services.

Unclaimed Treasures, AHCC’s thrift shop provides donated clothing and household goods at greatly reduced prices to neighbors and members. The Thrift Shop is staffed by a team of volunteers, and profits are used to support the church’s Outreach programs.

The word liturgy comes from the Greek meaning “work of the people.” Working together with the minister, the liturgist leads the congregation in worship. In a typical Sunday morning worship service, the liturgist may:

On Sundays, before and after worship, a volunteer is needed to be in the front office to answer the phone, take messages, hand out CDs to those who have ordered them and to be a friendly and welcoming presence to visitors and members alike. The Sunday office volunteer is able to attend either service as office coverage is only needed before and after services.

Asylum Hill Congregational Church is a busy, engaged place every day of the week! Office volunteers are needed weekdays to fold Sunday bulletins, do some light filing, help prepare mailings, answer phones while staff breaks for lunch, and other office duties as needed. Office volunteers are most needed between the hours of 11:00am - 1:00pm.