Christian Sharing Groups

"Thus says the Lord: Do not fear, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are mine." - Isaiah 43:1

What is a Christian Sharing Group?

Christian Sharing Groups (CSG), an intentional, regular gathering of approximately 6–12 people who share stories of faith and stories of their lives, have been part of the life of AHCC for over twenty years. Some of the original groups are still meeting to this day. 

Christian Sharing Groups provide the opportunity to develop new friendships, read and reflect on Scripture, and help weave together Christian faith and daily living.  Gathering in a spirit of prayer and community, participants grow deeper in their connection to God and one another. 

There are four essential elements of a Christian Sharing Group community:

  • Prayer – binds the group to God and to one another. Prayer within a CSG will take a variety of forms and will engage all participants.
  • Engaging with Scripture – by reflecting on the Word, participants can apply the Bible’s teachings to their own lives.
  • Mutual Support and Companionship – the love of Christ and for each other is best expressed through knowing and being known by others.  As Christians, we are called to live in community.
  • Serving – taking the love of Christ out into the world as we acknowledge that we are blessed to be a blessing.

If you are interested in beginning a Christian Sharing Group, please contact Rev Tracy Mehr-Muska

Why Christian Sharing Groups?

Facebook, Twitter, Skype. And so many more. All ways to try to connect in our increasingly impersonal world. But something is missing in all of them – face to face interconnections, also known as community.

At AHCC we are part of a large faith community.  On Sundays, we are blessed to have full pews and a lively coffee hour after worship. Boards, committees and other smaller groups meet frequently to take care of the work of AHCC, to build up the body of Christ. But in the effort to get things done we sometimes miss out on personal connections. Wouldn't it be great to be part of an AHCC group where the purpose was to get to know one another by name – create real connections with your AHCC brothers and sisters – while deepening your faith?