Small Groups

Small groups are an essential part of building community. By participating in small groups, AHCC members will know and be known by one another and grow closer to God through spiritual growth and friendship. Small groups come in many shapes, a variety of sizes and serve a variety of interests. One of the many ways our members can grow in their engagement is through participation in small groups.

Groups typically have anywhere from four to twelve members and meet regularly as determined by the members of the group.  Groups can have themes like Bible study or social justice or they can be groups based on a common interest like outdoor activities, film discussions or poker.  What the groups have in common is an opportunity to develop deeper relationships and to connect to your own faith explorations.

At AHCC, Small Groups can be:

Affinity Groups – for those who come together around a common purpose or cause such as Love Hartford, a think tank for those interested in the City of Hartford and its neighborhoods, or Step Up Step Out, a group of concerned members and friends who are dedicated to reducing violence by putting our faith into action.

Support Groups – for people gather to explore together around a life issue or situation (caring for an aging parent, grief) with prayer and compassion for one another

Christian Fellowship Groups – for those who wish to explore a common interest such as hiking, films, play reading or dining.

Christian Sharing Groups – these covenanted groups are comprised of approximately 6 - 12 people who meet regularly for prayer, conversation and reflection. Fellowship and sharing are also important components, as members explore the many facets of what it means to be a disciple.

All of the groups offer an opportunity to develop deeper relationships to one’s own faith in a more meaningful way. Additionally, if we don’t already have a group that speaks to you, we are open to new groups forming! For more information, please contact Rev. Mia Douglas, Director of Discipleship.