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Sen. Chris Murphy Talk On Loneliness

Due to the potential government shutdown, Senator Murphy must remain in Washington DC this weekend and this event will be rescheduled.

The crisis of loneliness in the United States has only deepened since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw schools and businesses close for weeks or months on end. In 2020, the former surgeon general identified loneliness as a public health crisis, arguing that the pandemic would incur a “social recession.” Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy believes loneliness is one of America’s biggest problems —and he’s working on a plan to fight it.

According to Murphy, “People need meaning, they need identity, and they can find that in healthy places or unhealthy places. We’ve stripped away access to positive connections: Churches are disappearing, social clubs are vanishing, local communities are less healthy, our downtowns have given way to Amazon economies.”

To kick off AHCC’s year of programming and our theme To Know and Be Known, we’re excited to have Senator Murphy here to speak on the ways in which loneliness has become a public health crisis in America, and the ways he believes our government and our organizations, particularly faith organizations, can step in to combat the epidemic.

This FREE event is open to all.



Sep 29 2023






Rev. Erica Thompson