Mother's Day Plant Sale

May 14, 2017 - 10:15am to 12:15pm

Support the mission trip to Ecuador and AUF 

by David Schramm 

Funds raised from the plant sale will help 17 AHCC members make the trip to Guasmo Sur, Ecuador this year, with Adopta Una Familia (AUF)to finish a home we started last year and begin a new one.

For those not familiar with AUF’s mission trips, one of the highlights is living with an Ecuadorian family. I am looking forward to my fourth trip. It will be an extra special year because my Ecuadorian family, the Coque Burgos family, was selected to have their house rebuilt. The Coque Burgos household is very large – 8 adults and 9 children. The home includes three generations: Nicanor and Rita are the heads of the house, and are joined by three of their children and their partners, as well as their children. All of the adults in the home have at least one spouse working either in the city of Guayaquil, or on shrimp boats on the coast. The children all attend school in the area. Two of the children also participate in an after-school program sponsored by generous donations to AUF’s education program.

Nicanor and I have become close friends. We are about the same age. Nicanor speaks only Spanish and my Spanish is basic at best. Despite this challenge, we have bonded in a very special way. We both love children, and he has more than his fair share! He and I can both be characterized as caring and sensitive men. We are hard workers, yet we enjoy our free time. I can honestly say that I have become part of his family and he has become part of mine. We will be lifelong friends. This family is currently living in a 4 room house made mostly of bamboo, cement block and wooden planks. The plan is to construct a 2 story cement block home with more room for them.

Please support this project and come to the plant sale on Mother’s Day, in Drew Hall after both services.



Rev. Erica Thompson

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