"Get in the Way" Film

January 15, 2017 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm

SUSO co-sponsors film at AHCC

Sun, Jan. 15  |  6:30pm Gather  |  7:00pm Film  |  8:00pm facilitated discussion led by Rev. Mia Douglas

In 1965, the historic Selma March known as Bloody Sunday was a turning point in the Civil Rights Movement. John Lewis – then a young student, now a U.S. Congressman – co-led hundreds of peaceful marchers seeking voting rights for African Americans in the South. When they came face to face with a wall of Alabama state troopers, Lewis took a steadfast, non-violent stand and inspired his followers to do the same. 

When Congressman John Lewis advocates “get in the way,” he stands behind his words, whether advancing civil rights in the 1960s or leading a 26-hour sit-in for gun control in the House this past June following the Orlando shootings. Former chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and an original Freedom Rider, Lewis has always advocated nonviolence. “Non-violence is love in action,” he declares, and he still has plenty to spread around. The civil rights icon remains a vital force in the ongoing struggle for justice. 

“Get in the Way” is a riveting portrayal of John Lewis’ personal journey of courage, searing disappointments and hard-won triumphs, as over the decades he inspires others to stand up and Get in the Way. The film is not rated. All are welcome.



Ann Collation

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