Circles of Care

December 14, 2014 - 8:45am to 10:00am

At AHCC, we believe that every one of us (not just the clergy) is called to some form of ministry. Each of us is called to care.
Over the past year, much groundwork has been laid to launch a comprehensive initiative to foster care and connection at AHCC. This initiative, broadly known as the Circles of Care, is a network of lay ministers providing care to church members and friends. This care will take on a variety of expressions, including one-on-one listening and prayer, visitation with our homebound members, and the creation of twelve smaller communities called Villages, within our one large church.
We have members who served this church for years and can no longer attend due to age or illness. They need to know they are not forgotten.
We have members who are struggling with overburdened schedules, financial difficulties or broken relationships. They need to know they are loved.
We have members who, despite being part of this large and vibrant faith community, feel disconnected. They need to know they are not alone.
Do you like to hear other’s stories of joy and challenge? Do you enjoy being a social connector? Do you like to use social media? Do you have a gift for compassion and empathy? These gifts - and others that you have - can be put to deep and meaningful use in the Circles of Care.
We invite you to discover your gifts and deepen your faith through participation in the Circles of Care.


Rev. Donna Manoicchio

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