Brainstorming and New Ideas Workshop

December 8, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Rev. Erica Thompson and Fathom's dynamic leader Brent Robertson, a new member of AHCC, will lead us in a strategic conversation about what can be new at AHCC.  How can we create new experiences that will appeal to those looking for community in their lives, looking for a way to be of service, and looking for a spiritual connection with others who feel the same way? 

How can worship be different? What would it look like if we offered worship at different times, different days of the week, focused on different topics, taking place at different locations or in partnership with others?  If we had just one worship service on Sunday as our "anchor," what other worship, programming, or fellowship opportunities might be possible? Who might show up who see something new and different about how AHCC is creating opportunities for community, for questioning, for impact? How do we get the word out that AHCC is doing things differently, beyond what one might expect to see in a church?  This will be a wide open, outside the box, creative, bold dive into the Deeper Waters beyond the walls of our church, into a world that is seeking genuine conversation, real opportunities for service and spiritual friendships.

Event venue: Spaces, 71 Raymond Road, West Hartford Blueback Square


Rev. Erica Thompson

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