Patron Tickets for the Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival Go On Sale

Unsold Patron tickets released to general sale on Dec. 14

Do you want to purchase your tickets without standing in line? Do you want to sit down front, or at a choice location on one of the aisles? Do you need a number of tickets all together at a certain performance? Are you a loyal patron of the Festival and want to do something more to support this magnificent event? Then this new Patron Ticket program is for you.

Tickets are available to church members and the public when the box office opens on November 4, but a limited number of tickets will be set aside for Patrons of the Festival. These tickets, along with reserved parking passes, will be available beginning October 15, and will not be returned to the public sale ticket pool until December 14. Watch for an announcement coming when the Patron Tickets are available online or by phone on the Ticket Line.



Ticket Line

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