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Helping Loved Ones with Aging: And…How to Embrace the Uncomfortable Conversations

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Dr. Elizabeth (“Liz”) D’Amico, a psychotherapist/consultant from West Suffield, will present both practical and emotional information on caring for those we love as they/we age.

This presentation will include such topics as:

  • Basics of cognitive aging:  is it dementia or is it something else?  If dementia, now what?
  • How the child-parent relationship dynamic impacts this life transition process;
  • Is assisting my parent(s) a “should”? a “need to”? a “must”? a “want to”? And, owning the “why”;
  • The steps to consider in assisting aging individuals:  legal, financial, living situation, health, driving, relationships, et al.;
  • How (and when) to start those conversations about aging and transitions;
  • Self-care and balance related to caring to parents or partners—and coping with our emotional reactions.

Opportunity will be provided for questions and discussions at the end of the presentation.

March 19th, 2023 from 11:30 AM to  1:00 PM
AHCC - Twichell Room
United States

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