Our Vision

Growing Christians today for the Church of tomorrow.

Growing Christians today for the Church of tomorrow will not happen by itself. Our values and our foundations will set the course for the journey ahead, but active, intentional faith in God is required.

We will demonstrate our faith through the following Core Ministries:

Worship - We provide spirit-filled worship characterized by inspired preaching, engaging prayer and uplifting music.

Pastoral Care - We are committed to timely, supportive, compassionate pastoral care in times of struggle and in times of celebration.

Spiritual Friendship - We offer abundant and diverse opportunities for developing spiritual friendships.

Spiritual Growth - We promote Christian formation for children, youth, young adults, families and older adults that encourages us to discover God and deepen our faith.

Outreach - We provide meaningful outreach opportunities in partnership with God’s people in Asylum Hill, in Hartford, across the country and in other countries.

Music and Arts - Through a commitment to high quality and diverse musical and artistic expression, we celebrate a sense of wonder for all creation.