Grant Program

AHCC provides financial support in the form of grants and hands-on help to area organizations and neighborhood efforts. The church’s Outreach Committee reviews grant applications and is responsible for the church’s annual giving through the privilege of fulfilling grant requests from nonprofits (our partners) made possible through the generosity of your financial support and donations. We thought you should know of the impact and joy your pledges have created in our community. It is the generosity of the whole congregation that make these grants possible!

Thank you letters:

Interval House
NCCJ (National Conference for Community and Justice)
Loaves and Fishes Ministries
Family Life Education

Grant Criteria

As the Outreach Committee considers grant requests, it looks for programs that reflect the church's Christian values and mission. Specifically, the Committee funds programs that contribute to a healthy community, including housing, food, education and youth development, social services or community building. The Committee looks for evidence of the organization's financial strength and considers the impact a grant will have on the success of the identified program. Committee members follow up with the organizations to monitor the success of the funded programs.

Information about Grants

Grants are made for only one year to ensure that each year the Committee has the opportunity to consider all grant requests afresh. There is an effort made to balance the number of grants we give with providing funding levels that will have the greatest impact on the success of the programs.

The Process

The opportunity to request a grant is provided to projects and agencies that currently receive funding and to organizations and projects that have discussed their needs with the chair of the Outreach Committee during the course of the year. Following consideration of requests against the criteria, the Outreach Committee sends out a formal request for grant applications in August to those organizations that have been confirmed. Grant donations are typically received in late May.