Building Usage and Rental

Asylum Hill Congregational Church offers meeting and event space options for up to 100 people. As Christians, we are called upon to share our resources with others. Among these resources is our physical plant. At the same time, our duty of stewardship requires us to care for our resources and use them in a constructive way, so that in the act of sharing we do not undermine our own purposes and mission. All rooms are handicap accessible.

For more information on building use, availability and requirements, contact Mary Way.


First Floor   
Seating capacity: 800 people seated in pews
Uses: AHCC worship, weddings, memorial services, concerts, large meetings, presentations, classes

The sanctuary is the single largest structure on our campus. Sheathed in brownstone, with distinctive blue doors, the sanctuary's unique Gothic style, stained glass windows and ornately carved woodwork are a beautiful backdrop for a concert, wedding, or memorial service. The 68 rank Aeolian Skinner organ provides music that can fill the room or provide a contemplative atmosphere. The sanctuary is handicap accessible with designated seating for wheelchairs. The space has dimmable lighting and a state of the art Infrared Hearing System.


First Floor
Capacity: 57 Tables & Chairs  |  124 Standing
Uses: AHCC worship, weddings, memorial services, meetings, concerts

Located east of the main sanctuary, Gross Memorial Chapel is an intimate and sacred space. The recently refurbished pipe organ provides a magnificent sound that fills the space. The chapel is handicap accessible and movable chairs within the space create the flexibility for wheelchair seating.

Drew Hall

First Floor
Capacity: 139 Tables & Chairs  |  298 Standing
Uses: dinners, receptions, performances, meetings, classes, presentation
Square footage: 2100

Drew Hall is located just north of the main sanctuary and is accessible through the sanctuary as well as from several outside entrances. The room has a raised stage at one end, with theater-style lighting, curtains and scrim. The wall to wall carpeting, chandeliers and large windows work to create a warm environment ideal for receptions, dinners and concerts. The room is handicap accessible.

Twichell Room

First Floor
Capacity: 72 Tables & Chairs  |  154 Standing
Uses: dinners, receptions, performances, meetings, classes, presentations
Square footage: 1600

The Twichell Room is located on the north side of the campus and is used for meetings, classes and receptions. This historic room, flanked by large windows to the east and indoor French doors to the west, has many period pieces, an upright piano and a large portrait of Joseph Twichell, AHCC's first minister. The Twichell Room has a small sink and counter space for setting up coffee service. The room is handicap accessible.

McKeith Hall (Choir Room)

Second Floor
Capacity: 74 Tables & Chairs  |  159 Standing
Uses: music / dance rehearsals, classes, performances, presentations
Square footage: 1400

Located on the second floor, and used primarily as the choir room at AHCC, McKeith Hall is an ideal location for small concerts and poetry readings. The wood floor with the painted labyrinth lend a warmth to the space that is flooded with natural light from large windows to the east and south. The room is handicap accessible by using the elevator at the north end of the building.


First Floor
Seating capacity: up to 20
Uses: meetings
Square footage: 385

AHCC's Library is a meeting space for small groups, a gathering space for families and a dressing space for brides. the room has a large wooden conference table and rolling chairs. It is handicap accessible.

Reel to Real Room

Second Floor
Seating capacity: 45 fixed theater-style seating; 500 sq. ft additional floor space for folding chairs
Uses: presentations, classroom
Square Footage: 1150

The movie room, known as Reel to Real, is used by the Spirit Hill Church School, Youth Group and other church groups. The large screen and projector can be used to show DVDs or stream video for AHCC-sponsored events.
Please note: audio/visual equipment is not available for use by outside groups.

Living Color (Art Room)

Second Floor
Seating Capacity: varies depending on table/chair configuration
Square Footage: 750
Uses: meetings, classes, craft projects

The art room is a large bright space with high ceilings ideal for crafting and creating. Used primarily by the Spirit Hill Church School children and AHCC's Hill Quilters, the room has a sink and counter, tile floor and tables and chairs.

Total Outreach

Second Floor
Seating capacity: varies, up to 15
Square footage: 560
Uses: informal gatherings, prayer groups

This intimate space, with sofas and chairs for comfortable seating is used for casual meetings and prayer groups.

Youth Classroom

First Floor
Seating Capacity: varies depending on table/chair configuration
Uses: meetings, classes
Square footage: 1000

This classroom space has a large chalkboard, an upright piano and tables and chairs that can be configured for meetings or instruction.

Youth Lounge 

First Floor
Used primarily for AHCC's Youth Group, the Youth Lounge is a cozy and casual space for group gatherings. It has a foosball table, sofas, chairs, floor pillows and soft carpeting for casual gatherings and fun activities.