150th Anniversary

The story has it that in October of 1868, Samuel L. Clemens was taken to an evening reception held by a member of Asylum Hill Church, and as the minister stood close by, Mr. Clemens referred to it (indiscreetly) as the “Church of the Holy Speculators.” Evidently, Mrs. Bliss, Mr. Clemens’ publisher, then introduced the two men . . . thus began a friendship between Rev. Joseph Twichell and the man known as Mark Twain, that lasted until Twain’s death in April 1910.

As we celebrated our 150th anniversary year in 2015 and 2016, we had the privilege to explore its history and tradition, its heroes and saints, and its challenges and victories.

From Kick-Off Sunday in March of 2015 until early in 2016, the “sesquicentennial” anniversary committee, invited every member, every committee, our neighborhood, the City of Hartford . . . the whole state of Connecticut, to join in our celebration, as we honored this milestone in worship, with receptions, classes, field trips, and a community gift, with opportunities for everyone to participate.

150th Anniversary News

West Middle School Community Gift

Homecoming Sunday - September 27

Spring Tea 2015 - Honoring Women Who Paved the Way

March 15 Kick-off service and Reception

On Twichell's Trail - recap of the Civil War Trail Trip