Planned Giving

Having a long-term impact on the work of our beloved church can happen in a variety of ways – through hard work, demonstrated passion, and generosity of spirit. Leaving a legacy to our beloved church through planned giving is yet another opportunity to support Asylum Hill Congregational Church and its ability to do exceptional work in the congregation, the community, the region, and the world. From the beginning, it has been the generosity of our members through their bequests and other planned gifts that built AHCC's endowment and has made it possible for the church to support our brothers and sisters in our neighborhood and throughout the world, maintain our beautiful buildings, enhance worship, deepen the quality and impact of our programs, extend our mission beyond Hartford, and, finally, assure that our presence and message will be secure for many generations to come.

What are the rewards of leaving a legacy?

Legacy gifts are provided by visionary individuals who engage in thoughtful decision-making that includes Asylum Hill Congregational Church in their estate planning. They see this as a way to strengthen the church in a long-term way and make a difference in the community. They become members of the Legacy Fellowship. Members who have contributed to the church through planned giving find that it deepens their personal connections to AHCC and affirms that sharing of our material blessings extends the life of the church for years to come. Since AHCC was founded, many generous donors have contributed funds to build and maintain the buildings and programs of this wonderful church. New contributions will keep AHCC vibrant and meaningful in the life of its members and the wider community. Of many permanent funds at the church (which will be described here over the coming months), the most recent is gratefully acknowledged below:

The Grandy Building Preservation Fund

Inspired by the ministry, leadership, and commitment of Rev. Peter Grandy, retired Senior Associate Minister of AHCC, and motivated by the opportunities to sustain his legacy in the church's endowment, Charley Kurz, Susan Aller and Bob Jones have come forward to help establish the Grandy Building Preservation Fund. As a new, permanently endowed fund, the earned income from the Fund will help to provide for facility needs beyond what can be supported by the church's annual operating budget for maintenance of the church's physical plant. Some examples include capital projects involving structural renovation, mechanical restoration, or high priority preservation work needed to preserve the architectural character of the church's buildings or equipment. You are invited to make your contributions to help the Fund grow further to meet our ever-increasing facility needs. Please contact Rev. Matt Laney, Senior Minister, or Helena Carvalho, Director of Operations, for more details about the Grandy Building Preservation Fund or to make a gift.